‘Curvy Bottom is not an overnight dream but even not less than this. A vision of 3 girls who created a platform where women can feel good, empowered, and beautiful.’

Welcome to Curvy Bottom, All Curves United!

It’s an online clothing store focus on women comfortable and stylish apparel. Established a few years back, Curvy Bottom is motivated to do something for women. Curvy Bottom announces itself as a one-stop-shop for all trendy ladies’ leggings and tops.

About Curvy Bottom!

“Everyone has curves!"

We, three girls, saw a dream to create a brand which represents self-love and women empowerment. The young women who got an idea from nowhere and then fulfilled it does not matter what.

The idea was Curvy Bottom (a brand that can exhibit her empowerment, beauty, and love for fashion). Now today, where Curvy Bottom stands, is all because of hard work, passion, and smart approach towards women clothing.

This brand is a universal identity for brave women around the globe.

What Do We Offer?

We have with us a vast variety of leggings/tops with us. We sell customized handmade printed leggings for women. We hold leggings for various occasions and each collection exhibits taste of style, sophistication and elegance. Staying true to the name of the brand, Curvy Bottom focuses on delivering apparel that’s fashionable, timeless and stylish—by introducing outfits that have trendy silhouettes and are made of delicate embroidered and traditionally crafted fabric.

Get your customized leggings/tops by the professionals who stitch everything by hand. Our collection consists of evening leggings, curvy bottoms, yoga leggings, fall collection, mandala collection, and skull collection and many more. You can choose your favorite leggings to style for the special occasion.

So catering to a wide set of audience in Europe, Canada and around the United States, by introducing various ranges throughout the year, Curvy Bottom sells high-quality, conspicuous handmade leggings that are unique, chic, comfortable to wear and effortlessly perfect for every event.

What makes Curvy Bottom Different?

Along with selling stylish, handmade, and customized leggings, we ensure you value for money. That’s why our brand is considered one of the leading brands which offer original products at their original prices.

Our services are not limited to the United States, but we ship worldwide to our people who love to wear hot cut leggings for special events.

Our Mission

To meet the customers’ needs for customized leggings. We serve you style and class and go beyond the limit to get buzzy designed leggings.

Our Vision

We have established our company with a strong vision to earn significant success in the clothing world based on quality and incomparable customer service.

Core Competencies

Capabilities that make us different from others and offer us a competitive edge over our competitors are as follows.

  • Eminent Quality:

At Curvy Bottom, we promise to never compromise on the quality of products. For us, our valuable customers are our precious asset. We always want to give the highest quality women apparels in a variety of cuts, styles, shapes and colours.

  • Outstep Customer Care:

We offer our esteemed customers a stupendous customer experience every time they visit our site. Our customer care representative team is trained and professional to guide you in the right manner to make outstanding purchasing decisions.

  • Alluring Variety:

At Curvy Bottom, you find the best and the most demanded leggings/tops at highly affordable rates to visit a lifelong customer.

  • Affordable Rates:

 Our team at Curvy Bottom strives to make each customer delight. We have the most authentic clothing options along with a highly affordable price range. We offer the lowest possible prices for our high-quality clothes to make us different from our competitors.

If you are looking for premium quality clothing options, then there is no other option than Curvy Bottom to find everything under one roof.

  • World-Wide Delivery:

Our services are not limited to one or two countries, but we have spread our feet worldwide. Curvy Bottom offers worldwide delivery to keep people intact with their favourite branded clothes.

We want to be your one-stop-shop for clothing needs!